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Workshops, Lectures and Conferences

Due to Covid-19 Workshops have been temporarily cancelled.

Here you will find a list with links to my workshops, lectures and conferences, as well as dates that they are being hosted by various organizations that are open to the general public. Dates for presentations of the workshops below that are for members only of a group or association etcetera will not be posted here:

Informing the Village:

This interactive and practical workshop will explore how to inform and educate others about your child’s Autism Spectrum diagnosis and what it means for them specifically. This workshop will explore which ways are best for each situation, and how to ensure you inform others in ways that make them excited to be a part of your child’s village. While this workshop is focused on informing others from a parents perspective, it’s a wonderful fresh take for those working with persons on the spectrum to gain a better understanding of what questions they need to ask to provide optimum care!

Massage Therapy & Autism:

Massage has been clinically proven to help decrease: anxiety, and touch avoidance. It also increases restful sleeping, and understanding of emotions in conversations. This full day workshop begins with understanding how anxiety affects the body, some areas of the brain that have been clinically shown to develop differently in people with Autism. It also clearly explains how massage can effect anxiety levels, sleep cycles, and so much more. The afternoon is spent learning the actual techniques to use during the massage through demonstrations as well as hands on learning. Come learn how to perform a massage that does the above for the person/s with Autism in your life!

An Alternative Perspective On Autism:

As we break down common myths and misconceptions we are able to explore Autism as it truly is. We’ll look at stimming, communication forms, empathy and more as we change our perceptions about Autism and see the potential in each individual.
We will also be gaining a better understanding of what is truly possible in regards to quality of life for someone with Autism, including work, education, and social areas. The more we learn about what Autism really is, and what it means for someone to be diagnosed as Autistic the more accurate our perspective can become about Autism.

More than just picky eaters:

People with a self-limited diet are often called “picky eaters” but it’s far more than that! This workshop is designed to help parents understand the 5 most common reasons behind a self-limited diet. We will also discuss alternatives to help expand someone’s dietary choices, activities to help increase fine motor skill developments, how to change the textures of foods to appeal to different tactile sensitivities, and the importance of a positive approach to trying new foods.

Check back often as more events are added regularly. If you would like to host one of my workshops, please use the form below:

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