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Goodbye Toddlerhood

stock-illustration-58367370-cute-children-cartoon-waving-handMy youngest turned 4 this past week and with her latest birthday I now officially no longer have any toddlers. My youngest is now classified as a “preschooler”. The day she was born the doctor came to see me once I’d woken up and told me I could not have anymore children. He cautioned me that I’d barely made it through having her and warned me that if I became pregnant again I would not live through the next labour. Since she had been an emergency c-section because I was hemorrhaging so badly her and I both were lucky to have lived, I believed him completely. My husband and I took steps to ensure she was our last. I worried at the time that I might feel a loss from not being able to have any more children. I worried that since I had not made the choice, that I would be angry or even bitter as time went on.

I have had moments where I am a bit wistful for the baby stage, for the moments when they are so new and your learning their cries, coos and scent. But overall, I have been at peace with the fact she was will always be my youngest. As I watch her get bigger, develop into the person she is, I am thrilled and in awe. As much as I am certain that any other children I might have had would have been amazing individuals as well, I feel a deep sense of contentment with no longer having any in the baby or toddler stages.

I’m excited to now have two in the preschooler stage, in addition to a teen, and two tweens. (My eldest step-daughter became a teen in February) I’m looking forward to all of the adventures that I get to have with them as they continue to grow into the persons they are meant to become. While I adored each of their baby and toddler stages, I’m waving a happy farewell to that stage of parenting as I leap into the next one with them.

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5 Things I Never Thought I’d Say….

There are so many ways that one changes as they become a parent, but one the most humerous ways to me any ways is some of the things I’ve found myself saying. Here are just a few of the most recent things I’ve found myself uttering:

1) Stop trying to pick my nose with your toes.
2) Get out of the dishwasher.
3) No I did not lose my penis I never had one because I am a girl.
4) I don’t wear a diaper because I’m a big girl so I pee in the toilet you should try it.
5) Not a good choice dude, give me the duct tape.

I’m sure dear readers that you have your own “things I never thought I’d say” and I’d love to read them, please feel free to comment on this post with yours.


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