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Creating a sensory room

On Friday the mail came and with it the latest catalogue from The Special Needs Toy company. I love that catalogue, I love shopping from it, I love the variety of items, I love the layout  it, with each category being clearly listed such as “socialization, or auditory” What I don’t love is the prices. I was a frugal woman before I became a super frugal momma and so the prices always make me cringe. I hate that I can buy “regular” toys for FAR less than toys that are geared towards helping my boys to overcome some of the challenges they face and thrive. To that end I became inspired yesterday that perhaps my frugalness (yep it’s a word 😉 could be utilized into making a whole sensory area for my boys without needing to win a lottery!

To that end I’ve been busy crafting, creating and shopping with an end goal of creating a wonderful sensory area for the boys for less that $200. So far I’m at $92 spent, and half-way finished. I’ve got multiple auditory toys, visual items such as squishy animals that glow when they’re shaken, pillows with aromatherapy aspects to them, and more. Over the next week there’ll be sewing of various items (bean bags) cutting of an old tire (to create bins with amazing textured outsides) and more. I’ll post pictures once it’s all complete, along with a total of how much it cost for me to complete. I’m excited dear readers that I can totally pull this off! 😀

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