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Communication WINS!

Today three wonderful interactions occurred; the first was between Mr. N and Mr. C. Mr. C was upset that he wasn’t going with his dad and I to run errands, Mr. N walked over to him:
N: “Why you upset?”
C: “Because I want to go too and mom says I can’t”
N: “Don’t worry, we’ll be back soon”

Mr. N then proceeded to refuse to go with us and stood beside his brother! The compassion and understanding he clearly demonstrated had me overjoyed! I was seriously tempted to have Mr. C come with us at that point, but for other reasons I did not.  Eventually Mr. N was convinced to come with us. This moment will always be etched in my memory as I saw the beginnings of the deep bond that I believe will eventually be woven between the two of them.

While out running errands, Mr. N said it was cold out and then Miss. G said “CO” we asked her if she was saying it was cold out, she smiled brightly and nodded yes. It’s the beginning of a new word for her 😀

Then later on this evening I was with my nieces and Miss. F had finished her dinner, I used the signs I’ve been learning to ask her if she was finished, she signed that she was, so I signed to her that I was going to clean up and that she could play while I did so. Did I sign perfectly? Probably not. Did I know all of the signs I’d wanted to use today, nope. But it was a start, she smiled so brightly when I started to sign to her, she was very clear in her excitement about me signing with her, and that made me so happy. I certainly will be continuing with learning how to sign more with her!

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Great ASL Site

As I posted yesterday, I am determined to learn ASL so that I can communicate with my niece fully. ASL (American Sign Language) is a wonderful communication tool for any person that does not communicate verbally. While eventually I’d like to take classes at my local college, to start right away I’ve been using a site created by Dr. Bill Vicars who also teaches at California State University in Sacramento, California. I find his descriptions clear and easy to understand. I also like how he talks about deaf culture with each sign he shows you. (Such as his explanation on if “welcome” should be used after someone signs “thank-you”) It’s all free as he wants people to have full access to learn ASL. If your child does not communicate verbally, but has fine motor skills, consider ASL! I know I’ll also be using it with Miss. G as she does not tend to verbalize but she does pick up on ASL very quickly. Knowing what you want to communicate and not being able to express it is a terrible thing which is why I am pro sign language for any child or adult that does not communicate verbally. (As well as anyone that is in their life)

Here’s a link to his site:


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