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I do my best every single day to be a loving and devoted wife, pink-haired homeschooling momma to 3 kids, 2 as most of you know are Autistic as well as my 2 step-daughters, advocate for Special Needs inclusion, workshop presenter and educator about the many aspects and differences of Autism, true friend, understanding sister, and aunt to 2 very special girls who happen to have CP (hence my learning sign language to communicate)

BUT every once in awhile I am reminded that I am also a woman who loves to wear beautiful things. Today was one of those days. After posting my ASL word of the day on Facebook, I saw the most incredible selection of boots I have ever seen in my life. After wiping the drool off my keyboard I decided to share their site with you all, cause really, they truly are the most beautiful footwear I have ever seen! They are made by a company called Gipsy Dharma, which is located in Buckinghamshire England, but they ship worldwide. Below are a couple of my favorites (it was hard to limit it to just 3 pairs, cause honestly, each one is so pretty I just wanna pet them!)

IMG_9861_2_1024x1024 green_yellow_1024x1024 L1010224_1024x1024

You can look at ALL of their fantastic items via:


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