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Informing the Village Workshop: Barrie/Simcoe County, Ontario

If you are from the area I would love if you joined us for my free workshop: Informing the Village this Thursday in Barrie, Ontario. 


This interactive and practical workshop will explore how to inform and educate others about your child’s Autism Spectrum diagnosis and what it means for them specifically. The free workshop will explore which ways are best for each situation, and how to ensure you inform others in ways that make them excited to be a part of your child’s village. While this workshop is focused on informing others from a parents perspective, it’s a wonderful fresh take for those working with persons on the spectrum to gain a better understanding of what questions they need to ask to provide optimum care! 


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Informing the VillageInforming the Village:
A how to workshop on educating others about your child’s diagnosis

Offered By: Lindsey Asperger’s Autism Support
Presented By: Dawn-Marie Potter

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but how do you make sure the whole village that is involved in your child’s life is on the same page as you about how best to do that? How do you make sure they understand the vital things you know about your child so they too can have fulfilling interactions with them in ways that truly benefit your child? The answer, you teach them about your child. You show them what it means to be “John” or “Jane” Show them what helps your child, what hinders their growth, and how to help them to thrive no matter how your child is feeling at the time. Help them to understand who your child truly is, which is more than just a label, but a whole complete being that is capable of amazing things should they just be given the chance to shine.

You want to make sure every adult that will be partaking in your child’s life understands them. During the workshop we will explore multiple ways of informing and educating others about your child, their diagnosis and what exactly that means for them specifically. From brochure making, to one-on-one confernces, to cookie making (yes cookie making, there will be samples of that one for everyone attending to see how fun and yummy that method is 😉 there are so many different ways to open up and inform others. Come discover some of them with us!   

Workshop Details:
Date: May 21st 2013 Time: 7pm
Location: Upstairs meeting room of Loblaw’s located at 400 Kent Street, Lindsey

For more information on how to attend this exciting workshop please contact the LAAS:
Email: Donna:

or myself at


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