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Whitby Ribfest

Today I’ll be at MTC’s tent at Ribfest in Whitby, Ontario, helping out with sales as well as handing out pamphlets about Grandview Children’s Centre. I’m at MTC’s tent because they have generously offered to donate all proceeds from their sales this week-end at Ribfest to Grandview!

They have great deals on electronics and if that’s not enough incentive alone, there’s the knowledge that all proceeds are helping out an amazing centre dedicated to helping as many of the several thousand children in the Durham Region that need their services as they can!

From Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Diagnostic testing, Dietitians, Botox clinic (to ease hyper-toned muscles in children with conditions such as Cerebral Palsy) Recreational activities that are truly inclusive as they’re designed for special needs children and adults, and SO much more! Grandview really is an amazing place and I can’t wait to thank the people from MTC in person today as I hang out at their booth!

Come on by, have some delicious ribs, and check out some great deals to help a great place, all in all a triple win for the day! 😀

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True Inclusion Means Real Accessibility

This past week-end my niece had a sleepover at my house and the next morning we wanted to take her and our kids to the park. Awhile ago we had gone to a park in our town and it had a wheelchair accessible swing, so of course we took the kids to that park. Below is the picture I took after we got there:



The swing modified for wheelchairs was gone. While Miss.F had no idea about the swing, my husband and I had and we were truly disappointed, as we’d chosen that park so that there were parts of the park that all of the kids with us could use. I’m fully about modifying things so that all can participate, after all who didn’t like to swing on a swing set as a kid? To that end I have contacted our Parks and Recreation department.

The woman I spoke with was very helpful, and I truly appreciated it. She forwarded my questions to their manager and said he would contact me within 2 business days. About 2 hours later he called to explain that it was ready and waiting to be installed but they were waiting on the manpower needed to do so and that the wait could be 2-3 weeks.

Almost a month on top of the time it’s already been down, the only wheelchair accessible swing in our town. I don’t like it, I understand that all work on the 30+ parks and trails needs to be prioritized but it’s the only swing many children in our town can use safely.

I have emailed our Mayor John Henry to hopefully see about implementing a change in the process with which projects are prioritized in the parks department. After seeing how he interacted with all of the kids and families at Grandview’s Open House last night, and what a big supporter he is of inclusion and services for special needs children I have full confidence that he will do whatever he can to help alter they way they prioritize what needs to be done at each park here in our town.


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Family Advisory Council

The children’s centre that Mr. N went to for many of his needs (speech therapy, dietitian, specialist pediatrician for ADOS testing, and ABA Therapy) and Mr. C is on the wait-list for ABA Therapy at was recently looking for parents to join their newly formed Family Advisory Council. I submitted an application and received an email a few days ago saying that due to the overwhelming response they received that there would be meet and greet appointments to determine who were the best fits for the council. 

I attended the meet and greet, and loved hearing about the goals they had for the FAC; they want to truly be “family-centred” in their care, and they want to do so by getting the whole family involved, not just in the care plans that are created for the child that uses Grandview’s services, but by offering fun events for the whole family, by offering a place where parents can connect with each other for support, for ideas, for the unique friendships that develop between parents of special needs kids. I am quite thrilled with their plans and ideas, and I truly hope that they were even half as impressed with me as I was with their visions for Grandview.

I won’t know until the 24th or 25th of March if I was selected to be a part of the council, but even if I’m not I know that the 3 women running it will choose those they truly feel will help to enrich Grandview for everyone and that makes me excited to see the great things Grandview’s FAC will be creating in the near future!

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