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Mandala inspired sweater

So often I use my craftyness to create things for others. While I take a great deal of pleasure and pride in giving something I’ve made specifically for that person, I wanted something lovely made just for me.

I found a mandala style pillow cover that I used, and then went from there.

The pattern I started with for the back is from Pink Mambo:

Then I made the front panels directly from the back, attached the sides of the back and front together, then the sleeves and finally the hood.

I went with a mix of the short bolero style and a wrap style for the front.

I did an elbow length sleeve as I normally camp a great deal in the summer, and a shorter sleeve means I can safely wear it while tending a fire or making hot chocolate on the Coleman stove we use. I’ll be making fingerless elbow gloves to wear with it when I’m not cooking 🙂

I used 5 balls of 3 different variegated yarns, all 3 are Red Heart Colorscape: Barcelona, Acapulco, and Mykonos.

It took me a week to make working off and on between my own schooling, helping the kids with theirs and regular household activities.

What is something you’ve made for yourself? I’d love to see it, please post a picture in the comments below!

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