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How to guides for daily living

on March 4, 2016

It might seem obvious to many how to do every day living activities. For example, the steps needed prior to cooking a meal such as washing our hands, getting all the ingredients ready or ensuring there is enough time for the recipe in question. But at one point when we were children, those steps weren’t obvious. And even for some that are older, those steps may still not be readily apparent.

There have been many recent studies showing a direct correlation between competency with daily living skills and overall happiness. Which really only makes sense. If you don’t have the skills to navigate the small day to day stuff, than you’re going to be upset and frustrated more than not. No one would rate their life a happy one overall if each day is filled with stress, anxiety and a lack of how to get their basic needs met.

Which is how the chart below (and several others) were thought of, and subsequently taped up around our house. So far I’ve seen a great improvement in my eldest’s sense of pride with himself as he sets out to do a task and successfully completes it without having to ask anyone for help. Yes, he may look at the charts I’ve posted, but in the end he did the activity on his own, and you can see the sense of accomplishment this gives him.

20160303_221236 (2)

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