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Dressing Board

on March 4, 2015

Mr.N has an Occupational Therapist due to his fine motor skill delays. One of the tools she has been using with him is a dressing board to help him learn to do and undo buttons. I of course fully believe in homework 😉 and so I created this:


Below is how I did it for those that want to make one themselves:

First the supplies:
1 art canvas (any size, but you’ll need enough material to wrap it like a present. Not that I did that, but it made sure there was enough of the fabric I wanted to use)

Fabric (Fleece doesn’t fray so it’s great for the no-sew way of doing it, I simply used some left over fabric from bean bags I had made him previously)

Buttons (the larger the better to start with, you can always make more boards with smaller buttons as they progress)

Thread (to sew the buttons on)


1 Permanent Marker


Staple Gun


(I was making multiple, hence the multiple supplies)

Place fabric along the back of the art canvas (near the wood) and staple it onto the back wooden frame of one side.

Wrap it around to the front and make sure it goes 2/3 across the canvas, and trim accordingly.

Repeat with other side, making sure there is a fair bit of overlap as you want it to be a bit roomy once the buttons are done up for ease of use in the beginning.


Then place buttons on the side you want as the inside and sew on with the needle and thread.

Place top fabric over buttons and cut button holes in the top fabric.

Write an inspirational message on the canvas for them to discover upon opening the buttons. (Ours says “You did it! Great Job!)

You’re finished! Minimal sewing (just the buttons) and minimal cost and yet you now have your very own dressing board for practising at home!!!

I apologize to those that know how to sew or are looking for specific dimensions or patterns. This was done free hand (and yes I did sew the fabric edges of mine but that is because I didn’t use fleece, I was using leftover fabrics from my stash) and I wanted to keep it as simple as possible for those that maybe don’t consider themselves “crafty” but still wanted to make something like this for their child. If you make one, I’d love to see it, please post a picture in the comments section 😀

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