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Adjustable Tutu!!!

on November 21, 2014

Miss. G loves tutus, and I love making them for her. The part I don’t really like is how 3-4 months after it’s made I have to make a new one as the old one is too small. (If it’s done with an elastic wasitband than I have to add lots more tulle to it to fill in the gap it gets every time she grows, and some how it never looks as nice as when it’s first done.)

I found some seriously epic yarn at Value Village the other day and I wanted to knit Miss. G a jumper out of it for Yule. But since she’s no longer a newborn, one skein wasn’t going to make a jumper! So I started thinking, and pondering, how could I use this awesome yarn to make her something fantastic that wasn’t another hat or set of mitts? Randomly it came to me, I’d make her an adjustable tutu!

The premise was simple, knit (or in my case garter stitch) a rectangle one and a half times as long as she was wide, and as wide as I wanted for the belt portion of her tutu:


Then using matching tulle (meaning every color I could find 😉 I looped each piece through the bottom row of the “belt”

To make it adjustable I took two buttons and sewed one on either end of the rectangle, one on the “right side” of the belt and one on the “wrong side” of the belt so they could be slipped through the stitches wherever was needed for a perfect fit.


In the end it looks like this:


I think she’ll love her Yule present 😀 I know I love it, and I think since there’s still time left before Yule that I’ll be making some more for other girls I know, cause the only thing better than a tutu is an adjustable tutu 🙂

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