Behind starburst eyes

When they change the plan

on November 18, 2014

Yesterday I’d planned to use the playdough I’d made with the kids to make ornaments/gift tags. We didn’t. Instead Mr. C wanted to play outside with the bit of snow we’d had fall. Mr. N desperately wanted to join him, and so we plugged in the lights in the backyard, and got all the boys winter gear on them. Then I got to listen to their gleeful sounds as they played together for an hour out the back. I loved listening to them. I loved knowing they’re building their brotherly bond so well. My heart hurt a bit for Mr. N at first, he was surprised at what snow looked like. He doesn’t remember any of the winters he’s already seen. But then I thought of how he’s able to run around and play outside with his sibling AND winter in all it’s glory would seem brand new to him. It’s like an additional chance to make his “first” winter special. They had a snow ball fight (I’m not sure how as their really wasn’t all that much snow lol) and they built mini snow men and overall had a blast. Tonight perhaps we’ll be able to create those ornaments, if not it’s all good the playdough will keep in it’s containers until they want to make them 😉

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