Behind starburst eyes

DIY Playdough

on November 17, 2014

Mr. N has discovered play-dough, and he LOVES it! For today’s craft I showed all 3 how to make play-dough. The first batch was purple as per Mr. N’s request, and the second batch we made was inspired by the upcoming holidays. We made brown, gingerbread scented play-dough by adding cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and ginger (all in powdered form) to our dry ingredients and voilà delicious smelling play-dough. After dinner Mr. C and I will sit and make small ornaments that will double as gift tags on the presents we give, while the 2 wee ones “help” 😀 The recipe I use is super simple, only thing I change is it says to combine everything and heat till warm. I put all the dry in one bowl, boil the kettle, and add a cup of boiling water and the oil then I stir. It’s the same recipe I’ve used since Mr. C was 2, and I love it.

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