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Beginners Luck Bowling

on July 15, 2014

I recently posted about Neb’s Funworld offering youth bowling passes for the summer where the kids can be signed up and they get to play 2 free games of bowling every day during the summer, they only have to pay the $2.50 each for shoe rentals. I decided to take the kids last week and what fun they had!

Mr.N at first thought he got to pick from the bowling balls beside the shoes, but once he was shown the smaller black bowling balls beside our lane he was thrilled. He’d never been bowling before so I wasn’t certain how he was going to like it, if at all, but as you can see he loved it! 🙂



He loved bowling so much in fact that he ended up winning even though all 3 of his older siblings were trying to win as well, which made me giggle. Overall they had a great time eating popcorn, drinking slushies and bowling with their siblings, almost as great of a time as I had watching them all 🙂


Miss. G stayed at home with her Nana as I wanted to see how Mr. N did first with the lights, sounds, and the activity itself. The older 3 understand when we have to leave because he’s having a sensory overload, but Miss. G doesn’t just yet, she is after all only 2 still 🙂 Now that I know he loves it and can handle it when it’s not really busy there I’ll be bringing her as well to give it a go.

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