Behind starburst eyes

7 billion verses 1

on June 29, 2014

Photo: Don't let one little person or thing stand in the way of your happiness!

I love this one because I too get caught up in “small things” and in letting one person negatively effect my mood. But when I do that it tends to have a spiralling effect on my day, because then other things that normally wouldn’t bother me, do upset me and so on and so on until I feel really crappy. 

However when I accept that other’s actions are not my responsibility (minus the wee ones until their adults) I am better able to just let go of the situation and not hold onto the negativity that would spiral into more and more. It’s not always easy to do, but it’s well worth it, for my mental health and for the enjoyment of the day that I and my wee ones experience 😀

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