Behind starburst eyes

No Regrets

on June 26, 2014


A friend and I were speaking a few days ago about how much we tend to live with our hearts guarded against the pain we fear we will feel if we love one another with our whole hearts only to end up losing that person. (This was a discussion about dating) But it got me thinking…

In the end everyone leaves, some by choice, others by the fate’s call.

It’s not up to us when it’s going to happen, the only thing we can do is make sure we live life to the fullest, soaking up each moment we can with those we love. 

Because the secret to living a happy life isn’t to make sure we never lose someone, the secret is to make sure we don’t lose out on the time we have them in our lives. 

Laugh loudly, straight from the belly

Be free with kind words, and hugs

Be open to new adventures

Smile with your whole face and heart

Stop worrying about the pain, because like it or not, it’s going to come no matter what. Instead ask yourself, do you want it from regret and guilt over all you didn’t do and say, all the moments you let slip away?

Or do you want it from a heart filled with love, and a mind filled with memories of all the moments you were truly present with the other person? 

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