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Rebel Gardening AKA Guerrilla Gardening

on June 12, 2014

I first read about “rebel gardening” or as it’s more often termed Guerrilla Gardening ages ago, and it was something I really wanted to start doing.

Below is a link to one of the first stories I ever read about it:


Since it is done on property owned by businesses, the government or person it is technically classified as a criminal offence according to the Ontario Criminal code section 430  for cases where the damage is less than $5,000 the maximum penalty is 2 years less a day in jail. Most typically for a first offence one receives probation and must pay restitution.

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Can you imagine: people being arrested for beautifying urban spaces, for planting edible plants in and around the city they live in. Yet it’s not a hypothetical thing, they truly can and I find it very disturbing indeed, and feel that instead of being charged with “Mischief under $5,000” people should be thanked for increasing the amount of greenery around urban areas, especially those that are planting foodstuffs people could harvest for free. Imagine, food being grown randomly about your city instead of empty paved lots, or lifeless meridians transformed into beautiful mini oasis’s of colourful flowers.


We as North Americans face several major health concerns and yet it has been proven countless times that junk food costs less than fresh fruit or vegetables. How about we truly combat some of these health challenges that come from being unable to eat our 5-10 fruits and vegetable servings a day by changing this section of the criminal code to exclude those that are partaking in “rebel gardening” or “guerrilla gardening”  Lets encourage the random planting of grape vines or various berry bushes that can grow along fences, lets encourage more greenery in our urban areas!

For a great site that is located in Toronto, Ontario check out:

Canadian Gardening does a great job explaining in detail a typical excursion for guerrilla gardeners, as well as providing many different sites one can go to look up local groups in their area if they don’t want to cause mischief alone 😉

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