Behind starburst eyes

Murphy’s Law in play!

on May 6, 2014


Last night Mr.N slept 2 hours and was then up for the rest of the night, so we all started out seriously sleep deprived.

I’d planned on tidying up the house the morning as Mr.C had friends coming over and I wanted it to look nice, I know they don’t really care, it’s me that cares about other people being in my home when it’s messy. I say it doesn’t matter to me, but secretly I run around trying to clean as much as I can if I know that people will be visiting. However, just as I was about to start, my niece was sick at school and her mom was an hour away at placement for school so we picked her up and brought her to our place until her mom was able to come and get her. Of course even though her school is in the same building as Grandview I left Mr.C’s paperwork that is due for his ABA assessment at home instead of remembering to grab it and drop it off while I was already there.

Then it was off to homeschool group at the Y, and it was the one I was running. I get there and Mr.C’s 2 friends are there and there’s a kerfuffle about them being signed in, eventually it got fixed up thankfully!

We all come back home the 5 kids (my 3 and Mr.C’s 2 friends) all played and had a good time until their parents came and grabbed them. (Which was the only part that didn’t go wrong lol)

Because it’s Monday night Mr.C also had his 4H Bike Club tonight, so off the hubby goes to bring him when the power steering goes while he’s driving. He forces the van to the side of the road and the belt had shredded.

I called his leader and she was just lovely, she felt bad that she couldn’t come and get him herself but it was too close to 6:30 for her to leave and come back. She was truly sad he was missing it, and kindly suggested that Safety Village has open house days and perhaps I could take him another time so he didn’t miss out on it. (I totally am!)

We call my brother only to find out that his stove’s element exploded not 10 minutes before we called, and he now has a pot with no bottom left to it! An hour into the broken van part of our evening he realizes he doesn’t have his wallet, it’s in fact gotten lost during his trip to help get the van running again.

30 minutes later, a couple and their teen stop by WITH his wallet! They found it in the middle of the road with all the cards and papers and pictures scattered across the street. They’d stopped and he’d quickly darted onto the road to try and get it all picked up and returned. The money was already gone by the time he found it, but he managed to find all of his I.D and one of the pictures of the girls. We tried to offer him some money but he refused and so I darted into the house and got a jar of the sweet cherry jam we’d made as well as the very last candle I’d made with the blessed oils I’d been gifted with. It was the least I could give him for his kindness.

He said he thought he’d gotten everything, but that he wasn’t sure. Sadly there was something missing, something far more important than the money, my brother had a picture of Joy in his wallet, a very precious one, it was the very first photo that was ever taken of her when she was first in the NICU after she was born.

THANKFULLY they had told us where exactly they found it and he went back to see if he could find anything, and he did. On the street were some business cards, and most importantly her photo!

Finally after all of this, the tow truck showed up, they got a ride, they got the van fixed and are now home. And now this momma just wants to have a glass of wine and veg out 🙂

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