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True Inclusion Means Real Accessibility

on May 1, 2014

This past week-end my niece had a sleepover at my house and the next morning we wanted to take her and our kids to the park. Awhile ago we had gone to a park in our town and it had a wheelchair accessible swing, so of course we took the kids to that park. Below is the picture I took after we got there:



The swing modified for wheelchairs was gone. While Miss.F had no idea about the swing, my husband and I had and we were truly disappointed, as we’d chosen that park so that there were parts of the park that all of the kids with us could use. I’m fully about modifying things so that all can participate, after all who didn’t like to swing on a swing set as a kid? To that end I have contacted our Parks and Recreation department.

The woman I spoke with was very helpful, and I truly appreciated it. She forwarded my questions to their manager and said he would contact me within 2 business days. About 2 hours later he called to explain that it was ready and waiting to be installed but they were waiting on the manpower needed to do so and that the wait could be 2-3 weeks.

Almost a month on top of the time it’s already been down, the only wheelchair accessible swing in our town. I don’t like it, I understand that all work on the 30+ parks and trails needs to be prioritized but it’s the only swing many children in our town can use safely.

I have emailed our Mayor John Henry to hopefully see about implementing a change in the process with which projects are prioritized in the parks department. After seeing how he interacted with all of the kids and families at Grandview’s Open House last night, and what a big supporter he is of inclusion and services for special needs children I have full confidence that he will do whatever he can to help alter they way they prioritize what needs to be done at each park here in our town.


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