Behind starburst eyes

I AM my own Author

on March 17, 2014

Image At a family function a little while back the movie “Stranger than Fiction” was brought up. While I understand that it really is JUST a movie, it conjured up a couple of questions in my mind about my own life: Who is writing my story? Am I simply following where I’m lead to or am I actively dictating my own path?  While I’d like to say that I’m actively writing my own story, I think that sometimes I forget that I AM the author of it. I forget that MY choices are just that, MINE. I have the intrinsic right to dictate exactly what I want to say, how I will react to any situation as well as who I want in my life as lead characters, supporting characters and even those that are cut rather abruptly from my storyline. While many are more introspective near the coming of new year, I tend to be fairly introspective throughout the entire year, but even I sometimes forget just how much personal power I yield in my own life. For many reasons, be it gas lighting that I don’t notice from others, or even from myself, or from feeling powerless because I don’t want to take control of a specific situation because honestly it’s going to be messy and hard and as far from sunshine and rainbows as one can get…But take control I must, we ALL must, because we truly ARE the authors of our own stories. It really is up to us how they play out. So when I hesitate for whatever reason I will ask myself one question: How do I want my story to be written? And then I’ll plough forward accordingly…

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