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My Child’s Inner Voice

on February 17, 2014

peggy omara Peggy O’Mara said “The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice” She was right, on so many levels she was right. The way we talk to them directly effects how they will think of themselves as they grow up, and once they are grown. IF they are always told things that break down their self-esteem and make them feel bad about themselves they will eventually grow into adults that believe they are not worthwhile. There are many times in each persons life where circumstances or events feel unfair or cruel or outright horrendous. We as parents do not need to make those situations worse by instilling a lack of self-worth in them, when that is exactly what they need to help them get through those times. The world isn’t fair, and life can be intensely cruel, I want, no I need to know that my children’s inner voice will tell them a few specific things when those times happen to them:

1)  You are an amazing being worthy of respect.

2) You are loved exactly as you are, and you are worthy of love exactly as you are.

3) There is always a solution, it might not be easy but it’s possible to make anything better than it is.

4) You are capable of creating that solution and following through with it.

It is because I know that my words will become their inner voice that I try to choose very carefully what I say to them, especially when I am upset or disappointed with their actions. They will make mistakes and bad choices at times as all human beings do! But how I speak to them, and what I say will effect them deeply, so I am mindful of what I say because I want their inner voice to be a positive one.

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