Behind starburst eyes

Butterflies and Flat Tires

on February 10, 2014

 On the second day of our birthday adventure we went to the Butterfly Conservatory in Niagara Falls.

I loved all the butterflies fluttering around and giggled while Miss. G was getting excited watching them fly. Miss D was enthralled as well and I felt like I was in a fairy tale setting between the tropical plants and the beautiful butterflies flying all about. My personal favorite was one that was native to Australia with the most stunning green wings I have ever seen. While my husband adored the Blue Morphos and thought it was fantastic that they kept coming to see him because of his iridescent blue sunglasses perched atop his head.

After grabbing our lunches out of the van, Miss B says “Daddy, the front tire is hissing” We both look, and sure enough the front and back passenger side tires are flat!
We decided to continue with our adventure for a bit more as we figured out what we were going to do so that the kids were warm and having fun while we worked out a plan. After seeing the most amazing exhibit of butterflies and being thoroughly enchanted with the place I asked the manager John if he knew of a Canadian Tire nearby that we could get a tin of tire sealant to hopefully get the tires to last until we could get home and buy a new set. Instead of just giving us directions (which he did) he then went even further…

He talked with Cedric the maintenance guy and then directed my husband to the service door where Cedric was waiting with an air compressor. Cedric then filled all 4 of our tires, and Mr. C called him the magic van fixer (I concurred completely) and we were able to get to the Canadian Tire to buy the sealant. If it hadn’t of been for these 2 gentleman’s wonderful kindness we wouldn’t have made it out of the parking lot! (Our front tire takes a total of 44PSI and Cedric had to add 42PSI’s)
They didn’t have to help to such a degree, we could have been forced to call a tow truck for the van plus figure out bus schedules to help get most of us home as no tow truck has enough space for 7 passengers! But they both went above and beyond their jobs to help out a family far from home. Their kindness truly touched my husband and I.


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