Behind starburst eyes

Primal Screams and Broken Plates

on January 30, 2014

broken plate  There are moments in life when we just want to let out a primal scream of anger or rage, moments when our fears cloud our minds and make our fingers itch for the feel of porcelain between them to simply throw and watch shatter. As if we could shatter the fears or doubts that shimmer and sway in the vast twisting and turning chasms of our 3 am thoughts.

I have had the moments many times before, and I am sure I will in the future, because lets face it, life isn’t always rainbows and roses, sometimes it’s about storms so bad your whole world is rocked and blown apart. There is a lovely woman involved in Health Advocacy named Heather Von St. James who has a place where I can smash plates to my hearts content. They are virtual plates in a virtual place (her blog) but I still find the ability to write down my fears or apprehensions and smash them very cathartic. The irony for me of her site is that I had only just been telling a friend to think of life as “If I could live without fear, I’d…” and here I am being given the opportunity to metaphorically smash my own fears to bits, the irony of it all is rather poetic 😀

Heather didn’t make her site because she was having a bad day and figured others could use some virtual plate smashing too (although some days I totally can! 😀 She made it as a way to celebrate actually having a bonfire in her backyard and smashing actual plates into it with fears written on them to commemorate her surgery. See she had a lung removed due to cancer, she was diagnosed when her first daughter was only a few months old, and the fears that cancer brought are what she smashed in that first bonfire. Now each year they have another on February 2nd, but Boston’s a wee bit far for me, and so dear readers I urge you to visit her site (Links at the bottom) and free yourself from any fears you might be holding onto. (Without having to clean up broken plate pieces either! 😉

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