Behind starburst eyes

Don’t forget the “fine print”

on December 28, 2013

I don’t know for sure what exact “bug” has hit our home, but every one of us has caught it, and it’s been terrible. It started almost 3 weeks ago with congested sinus’s and runny noses, but quickly lodged deep in the lungs giving rise to horrible coughs that leave the person gasping for breath, and in need of an inhaler, coupled with super high fevers. Finally little Miss G caught it, she was one of the last ones to do so, and her fever had us actually scared. We used children’s Advil, we used cold cloths and running cold water on her wrists. We tried to give her popsicles and cold juice but she wouldn’t touch either. We took her to the doctors and she was given antibiotics, high dosage ones that normally aren’t given for her size, but she was just so ill that the doctor felt she really needed them. (This is the same doctor that does not typically give out antibiotics to children at all.) We took her prescription to the pharmacy and her daddy gave it to her (she’s more willing to take it from him than I, so why fight her when I can just let him do it!) The next day her dad was out and I had to do it, I looked at the bottle and realized that she’d been given the wrong dosage. She was given 125mg/100ml but her script had said 250mg/100ml. Off we went to the pharmacy!

When we got there I spoke with the pharmacist and at first was told it was fine, it was correct, but I insisted that they look it up. Once he did, all I could hear was “She’s right!” over and over as he looked at the 2 techs. He was extremely apologetic, his hands were shaking as he explained that normally it’s the 125mg that is given, but that it wasn’t an excuse and that he would never, ever make the same mistake again, for the rest of his life he would zoom in and double check the strength given no matter what. He immediately started to work on her correct prescription amidst an almost continuous stream of apologies. I smiled and when I could finally get a word in, I mentioned that it was done yesterday, not today. The look of relief was palatable as he realized that it wasn’t him working yesterday. He assured us that no matter what pharmacist was indeed working this type of mistake would never happen again. He also refunded the cost of her original prescription. It’s easy during hectic times to forget to look at the “fine print” in many things, but where medications come into play, I know I’ll never forget to double check dosages, as well as strengths given, not after this!

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