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Special needs pillows

on November 26, 2013

My niece requires an adorable butterfly shaped pillow. Her current one has seen better days (it IS used every day after all!) But good luck trying to find one in stores or online that doesn’t cost a fortune! After over an hour of searching online the cheapest I could find was $40, BUT I had to live in the states for them to ship it to me. The cheapest one that would be shipped to Canada was $107.47. So off to Fabricland I went 🙂 Below is my first one finished (I plan to make a few for her as Christmas gifts) Image

The bottom where the wings do not touch is meant to be approximately as wide as the person’s neck, (slightly wider so it’s not restrictive, but still close to their neck so it can be as supportive as possible)

To make: Half a yard of your favorite material, Hypoallergenic stuffing and some thread.

Draw 2 butterflies on the wrong side of your fabric, keeping in mind that the wings should be larger than the person’s head. (If you can’t draw a butterfly, find one online print it and enlarge it until you have the right size to trace)

Make sure you keep the butterfly’s head almost level with the wings to help support the person’s head.

Cut out your butterflies, place together wrong side out, sew almost completely together. Leave yourself the width of your hand so you can turn it right side out and stuff it.

Turn right side out and stuff. Then carefully fold the open seams inwards so it doesn’t fray on you and sew together.

Finish by sewing the lines of the body, as they help to keep the stuffing in place which keeps this pillow functional after it’s been washed!

That’s it my dear readers, and now you know how to make this lovely and unique gift which is great for sleep apnea, facial dystonia, and correct head positioning for someone that has difficultly doing so for themselves.

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