Behind starburst eyes

DSM V and Autism

on May 5, 2013

It’s late, the kids are asleep and instead of getting some much-needed rest I’m up researching the new diagnostic criteria for ASD since C’s diagnosis of PDD-NOS will no longer be valid. I worry because I don’t understand why they chose to do this (I read their reasoning, it still doesn’t make sense to remove the label they’ve given so many people). Mostly though, I worry how this will affect C. What exactly will this mean for a boy of almost 9 years of age living in Ontario, Canada? I shall continue to research tonight and on monday I’ll be calling our family doctor to set up an appointment to discuss this with him. (Not that he’d be doing an assessment, he told me before C or N were diagnosed he wasn’t comfortable doing it and that he was happy to refer me to a developmental pediatrician instead. Which is fine, if it’s not your area of expertise and you want your patient to see someone more knowledgable on the subject I totally respect that.) But the specialists in our area have waiting lists of 1-2 years, so what will it mean for C in the mean time?

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