Behind starburst eyes

Happy Cake

on May 3, 2013

Yesterday N said one of his clear words while we were driving “cake” so I asked him if he wanted cake. He smiled and told me yes, so I told him I’d make cake at home for him. So once we got home he goes into the cutlery drawer, finds the package of candles I keep there for birthday cakes. He opens it up, and tries to hand me some while saying “Happy cake”

It was adorable to me in general that he was saying he wanted to have another birthday cake, but also it showed so clearly that not only does he notice what is going on around him, he understands and remembers. It’s moments like that not only thrill me, but they also humble me. They are a potent reminder to me that our children are watching what we’re doing, always. Our actions and words have meaning and importance because they are shaping our children’s experiences, memories and ultimately who they will become.

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