Behind starburst eyes

Dietary Assessment

on April 23, 2013

After a hopefully not too horrible trip to a laboratory near here for blood work for my youngest I then get to monitor every single thing he ingests for 3 days. All the way down to one bite or one teaspoon. All of this is for his dietitian appointment on Friday. With his self-limited diet I am concerned about his nutritional needs not being met. To that end I asked for an appointment be set up with a dietitian, and so while honestly I don’t really look forward to the blood work portion of tomorrow, nor to remembering to jot it down if I do get a bit of food finally into him I do look forward to the results from the appointment and of course the solutions that can be obtained from such an appointment. While I’d LOVE it if he ate healthily on a regular basis, with his texture issues that is not going to happen right now. So instead I simply wish to find out if Pedisure or something of that ilk would help to optimize his growth.

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