Behind starburst eyes

Time will tell the follow up

on April 9, 2013

Well I spoke with the owner of the dance studio. Indeed one of the staff did tell “B” that C was Autistic.

Apparently C was having issues in class, he was running around, stimming and not focusing. Well normally when a child is running around, and not focusing while another dancer is showing their moves said child is gently repremanded for their poor choice and the lack of care for the other dancer that it shows the dancer. C was not chastised. He was allowed because the dance instructor felt that he was having a great deal of difficulty that day and they were being kind to him by not holding him to the same standard of expected behavior that the rest of the students were held to.

This upset “B” greatly, and I totally understand how it would! So when “B” went to talk with them about why it was that way for C but not anyone else it was then that “B” was told about C being Autistic.

I was not there, I do not know how C was feeling/dealing with feeling at the time. I know when I spoke to him he mentioned that he’d been having a very hard time dealing with trying to sit still while the other dancers showed their routines to the class. I can NOT judge what happened in regards to the instructor allowing C to have a different standard of behavior than the rest, all I know is that a) I truly believe the instructor did what they felt was best with care in their heart for my son. And b) I saw less enthusiasm from “B” about seeing C at the dance competiton than I was hoping to see. Could have been because of the competition itself, I don’t know. Again, only time will tell. But for C’s sake I hope that his friend can see past the word Autism and see that C is still the same boy he liked before. 

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