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Wrong Number

on March 9, 2013

Normally when I receive a rude phone call I simply shrug and hang up. Today I did not, today I got upset. I received a call from a Vijai Karthigesu at Cloud Dynamics who at first was polite. He was polite until while being equally polite I told him he had the wrong number. Then he became rude. Insisted he had the correct number and demanded that I put the homeowner on the phone. Now my father passed away 21years ago this October, so I’m pretty sure that when someone asks for him they have no idea who they are actually calling. MY husband is NOT referred to by my maiden name, and just because the phone is still in it is regardless.

The only Mr.____ was my father and therefore I typically just tell them they have the wrong number. I don’t go into details about my father being dead, I assume that they are some sort of telemarketer and that they have specific quotas in regards to time spent on the phone verses sales etc. so I try to keep it short and let them get on to the next call they need to make.

Besides quite honestly, I’m not buying, I don’t care what they are trying to sell me, I’m not going to say yes. I don’t say yes to charities over the phone either. (I do however regularly donate to specific charities of my own personal choosing but that’s another matter)

Now back to Mr.Vijai Karthigesu at Cloud Dynamics, after he was rude and demanding I got upset and loudly proclaimed that I was the homeowner and that he had the wrong number. He then hung up on me, and even that is atypical for me, but I went even further today; I called him back, why you ask. He’d hung up, honestly I should have just left it alone and let it go. But today I’m just sick of being told I’m wrong lately and that I have to do what others tell me to do, that I have not even the basic right to a say in my own actions.

After calling back and getting no answer I at least got the name of the company he worked for as well as his proper name. I then googled him and the company. It’s an IT solutions company. Are you kidding me, if someone could please explain to me how exactly my dead father is in need of an IT solutions company’s solicitations I’d appreciate it, because I definitely don’t know how they expect to help him. Or how he’d pay them, or even how he’d communicate with them for that matter about his IT needs. And the more I think about it, the funnier it all is, THANKFULLY, cause for a little bit I was starting to lose perspective. I was starting to feel like this faceless random person meant anything. But he doesn’t, not really. As for the rest of why I’ve been feeling the way I have lately, well that lovely readers is a whole ‘nother post.

One response to “Wrong Number

  1. valkyrie1949 says:

    That is very true. Their are a lot of company s out there that use that type of tactics on people just to sell different types of products. Good for you, for sticking up for yourself.

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