Behind starburst eyes

N’s Book of Colors

on March 2, 2013








My youngest son is mad for any and all types of vehicles, so I made him his own book of colors with each color being showin with a different type of vehicle. I LOVE fabric books (often called soft books or felt books, as felt is often what they’re made out of) Mine however was not made with felt as you can see, I used satin for the coveres, and denim for all of the pages.  I also used quilt batting within each page to make it keep it’s shape and be fluffy for him. He loves to flip through the pages and when he’s done he closes it up , lays his head on it and sighs contentedly, it’s beyond amazing to watch, and certainly makes the numerous hours of work well worth it! (I had no patterns or previous experience making one of these, so I figured it out as I went which we all know means it takes twice as long lol)

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