Behind starburst eyes

A kiss is just a kiss, unless it’s not…

on February 27, 2013

Tonight marks a fantastical occasion, I WAS KISSED!!! Now yes, I AM a 31yr old mom so obviously I’ve been kissed before, but this kiss was one of the most special ones I’ve ever recieved. Why was it so special, because it was from N. I was sitting at the computer typing out some notes for my biology class that I’m taking when he climbed up on the chair beside me. I turned, smiled and said hi, and he puckered up his lips and leaned over to kiss me.

It was this amazing, random act of affection that he’s never actually done before, even though he’s 2.5yrs old. He’s always had to be asked for a kiss and more often than not he’s had a complete meltdown about how he doesn’t want to give anyone a kiss, or hug, or cuddle or be touched in general. So yes, that singular moment in time when I realized he was trying to give his momma a little random affection, it made my heart feel like it was going to burst with joy.

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