Behind starburst eyes

Coloring the world beautiful; his way

on February 21, 2013


N has spent the last 2 hours sitting calmly, ripping the paper off of each crayon in the box one at a time. So intently he focuses, so determined with his task no matter how tiny of a piece he gets off each time. I can see the beauty in what he’s doing and I know he’ll color a picture once he’s done, but first his tools have to be ready in the way he needs them to be before he can show the rest of the world the beauty that lies inside his mind and heart.

This is the third box of crayons this week, he seems to gain so much satisfaction from taking the paper off them, and he’s sad when all the crayons are bare so off to the dollor store I go to get more crayons cause really, if he finds bliss in knowing that each one is going to be the same color under every part of the paper as what is showing in the tip and end, then heck, that’s his bliss and I’m totally accepting of that. 😀

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